HERE YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, YOU CAN PUT FORWARD, WE HAVE TO MAKE THE APPROPRIATE ANSWER FOR YOU Molison technology is an electronic component, wireless communications products and display LCD&LCM and display module, PCB and PCBA and SMT processing service as the core, to concentrate on working in electronic components, military communications, Aerospace Communications and networking /M2M, smart grid, 3G communications, GSM / GPRS / GPS, WCDMA / HSDPA, TD-SDCDMA, microwave radio products and solve the program research and development, PCB production and SMT assembly processing and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Headquarters was established in Hongkong in 1999, while research and development, design, sales team set up in Hongkong and Shenzhen and all over Asia.
Our many years of service to power, automotive, telecommunications, financial, aerospace, railway, industrial and medical industry customers, to provide based on IOT of M2M, 3G, wireless RF, microwave communication product and technology development and production for various services by combine communication technology and information technology to meet the customer on the aerospace wireless communications and networking system application demand.
Molison is acting as  a plurality of integrated circuits and electronic components distributors and third party technical support service providers, to high-tech as the core of large electronic industries, is authorized in the world major electronics manufacturers regional agent, civilian support,, military grade, industrial grade three themes integrated circuit large customers, with a firm commitment, quality, service and fast delivery. Established in Hong Kong has its own warehouse and sales team, in order to better for customers around the world provide more convenient delivery and scheme and technical support services.
As a long-term partner with all of the world's largest semiconductor, we use in wireless communications, M2M, 3G, GSM / GPRS / GPS. RF / microwave and management technology in the field of information security technical background and product advantages, the products imported into the realm of things of product development and application solution, has accumulated a wealth of market experience, training a group of experienced, strong professional sales and product development, technical services team.
According to the characteristics of each big electron industry intelligence applications, launched a series of suitable for electronic industry of end products and system, main products include: power acquisition integrated management system, GPS car navigation systems, wireless auto tracking system, smart grid wireless data transmission terminal, 3G no line transmission terminal, ZigBee wireless communication terminal, such as a variety of products and solutions, also can be widely used in aviation, industry, telecommunications, automotive, transportation, water, oil, environmental protection, logistics, communications and other industries and fields.

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